Swiss-certified accountant

People who analyse complex material
– proactively, digitally and for the purpose of decision-making.


Being qualified as an auditor means you know how to use the latest technologies to examine complex material.

Certified auditors use their independence of judgement to provide information that will be the basis of decision-making by their clients (management teams) and other stakeholders (such as investors, banks, government bodies).

The career opportunities range from specialisation to management responsibility/company ownership to playing a key role in business (BoD, EB, Head of Finance/Controlling/Risk/Internal Audit/Compliance).

Five top benefits for you:

  • Gain future status as an expert
  • Access diverse career opportunities and discover many ways in which you can develop as an expert in financial flows and business models
  • As an expert in the audit and consultancy profession, the future belongs to you; learn to understand and utilise data
  • Work as a team in a diverse environment (various professional backgrounds and nationalities, etc.)
  • Get to know decision-makers and become part of a relevant network

From Experience

Bettina Götte

Engagement Partner in Audit Financial Services at BDO AG
«What do I value about my work as an auditor? The young team and the team spirit, the strong sense of responsibility among employees, the interesting client structure and the fair employment conditions. I can easily compensate my overtime hours.»

Saskia Schröder

Assistant at EY Switzerland
«I’ve been in auditing for three years now and am also studying part-time for a Master’s degree in Information Systems with a focus on Data Science. I think auditing is going to change a lot in the next few years because of digitisation and process automation. That’s why I think it’s important to equip yourself with the technical skills to meet that challenge.»

Nivetha Iyampillai

Senior at PricewaterhouseCoopers AG
«As an auditor, I can achieve smart work-life integration. During my spare time, I love to dance and travel, and when I’m at work I enjoy connecting with different clients and having the opportunity to gain insights into many different sectors.»

Christophe Simon

Manager at Mazars SA
«What I like about my employer is the diversity of activities, customer contacts and our flexible working model that gives us autonomy and encourages an entrepreneurial approach. With my federal diploma as a specialist in finance and accounting, I have the opportunity to progress my career in a high-quality area and to take on new responsibilities. Outside of work, I spend time with my family, play sports (I’m a former professional soccer player) and am involved in some entrepreneurial projects. Well-defined and flexible planning allows me to reconcile my professional and private life.»

Denise Wipf

Financial Services Partner at Mazars AG
«My employer is both family-friendly and international. Here, contrasts complement each other rather than compete: Family and career can be ideally combined, and at work I have a lot of contact with very different people. This also gives rise to new ideas, especially in the areas of marketing, acquisition and customer care, are valued by the company.»

Etienne Wider

Junior at Mazars AG
«I’m an auditor, dad, DJ and snowboard instructor. This is possible only because our day-to-day business is characterised by a high degree of flexibility. It’s precisely because variety is so important to me that I appreciate the challenge and responsibility at my workplace. This is a place where the person – in whatever role – always comes first.»

Ludovic Pasche

Manager at Mazars SA
«Taxation’s a difficult subject, and I like making it understandable for my clients. It is also very rewarding to feel needed and to help people with this, which sometimes involves worrying about them. Thanks to my in-depth tax expertise, I fully understand the technical aspects of cases and can more easily focus on customer relationships, which is a key aspect of our business. At my current employer, I particularly appreciate the freedom to take the initiative as well as the entrepreneurial ethos. Before going on leave, I make sure that I have left no loose ends, so I fully switch off and forget about work.»

Pamela Presa-Schweizer

Manager at Mazars AG
«I don’t have any average days, either as an accountant or as a mother of three children. I’ve been working part-time for 4 years and still feel like a full-time employee with career opportunities and management position. Fortunately, the busy season for the audit reports is in the winter. That means there’s some space for family outings during the summer months.»

Florian Häller

D&A / Audit Liaison Manager at KPMG
«As an accountant, my knowledge is needed and is of great importance for the future. This is important to me personally and, in addition to the great variety and exciting social contacts, is the main thing that motivates me in my work. The flexible working model, the career opportunities and the good reputation of my employer also improve our positive working atmosphere.»

Marija Sikovska

Banking Audit Assistant at Deloitte AG
«There are no rigid hierarchical structures in our company. Good social events help people connect in an open and uncomplicated way. The qualification as an auditor is generally valued and recognised, and I hope that this will open many doors for me on a social and professional level, as well as in terms of my career.»

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