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EXPERTsuisse launched a campaign to promote young talent in the sector in September 2018.
The aim of the campaign is to show potential recruits just how attractive careers are now – and will be in future – and to foster greater awareness of what these careers involve. The campaign will be supported by the website Besides providing information, this website will be act as a starting point for promoting offers from partner companies on one platform. This document aims to enable member companies to announce their offers that will be available from autumn 2018, including internships, trial days, permanent and temporary positions and part-time positions, etc. as well as Bachelor and Master’s theses, prior to the launch of the campaign and the website, so that these can be displayed on the website.
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Details about the location where future employees will work. The “Additional company information” can be a location, for example.

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There are different possible forms of interaction: (1) E-mail: you can store an e-mail address to which you will receive e-mails. (2) Related link, e.g. to provide more information about the position or to an online application form, or (3) PDF file downloads, such as an official job description or an application form. A total of five interaction options can be added.
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Information that makes it easier for potential employees to filter through the job offers

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