Swiss-certified fiduciary expert

Supporters of small and medium-sized enterprises
– people who support and offer advice to the SME economy


Being qualified as a fiduciary expert means you know your way around all the issues of finance and company law that SMEs have to face.

Certified fiduciary experts, in their role as generalist and advisor, provide support to business owners that considers the business at every stage in the life cycle (from foundation to sale/liquidation).

Career opportunities range from specialisation to management responsibility/company ownership to performing key functions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Five top benefits for you:

  • Gain future status as an expert
  • Access diverse career opportunities and discover many ways in which you can develop as a consultant and generalise in the SME environment
  • As an expert in the audit and consultancy profession, the future belongs to you; learn to understand and utilise data
  • Work as a team in a diverse environment (different professional backgrounds and sectors, etc.)
  • Get to know decision-makers and become part of a relevant network

From Experience

Manuel Eberle

«I can apply my training very well in practice. As a partner, I value the support of individual companies when dealing with the expanding demands of the law and business. A flexible working model is essential if resources are to be planned and used flexibly and efficiently.»

Cedric Hauser

Fiduciary Team Leader, Member of Management at OBT AG
«My practice-based training enables me to develop both professionally and personally. Equipped with my specialist knowledge, I can tackle even complex cases. My everyday working life as an auditor is flexible and remains so, thanks to the variety of my work.»

Simone Knecht

Fiduciary Expert at SH Trust AG
«As a fiduciary expert, I'm an all-rounder with in-depth knowledge of many specialist areas. My employer has offered extensive support in enabling me to build up this broad specialist knowledge. I was also given responsibility for client mandates early on, which I can continue to keep while working part time.»

Sybille Bühler

Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers AG
«I take care of clients from a wide range of sectors, often with an international background. This means that I’m always learning, even after for four years of experience. As long as I have a handle on my meetings and deadlines, I’m free to organise my work as I wish. This gives me real quality of life.»

Markus Vogel

Partner in tax consulting at KPMG
«I’ve worked as a tax expert for several years, and I’ve enjoyed every moment. The flexible working model motivates employees and helps create a great team. It gives me an optimal balance between my demanding, varied work and the other things I do. Flexibility – on the part of employers no less than of employees – is simply the future of the world of work.»

Hans-Jürg Spreiter

Partner and Head of Fiduciary Zurich Eastern Switzerland Region at BDO AG
«Fiduciary is all about teamwork! For complex questions, we work together with specialists. As a competent and innovative generalist, I support the customer comprehensively with important decisions. I’ve been working in fiduciary for 28 years! Today, my main areas of focus are digitisation and automation, which offer fiduciary experts more future opportunities than ever before.»

Laurent Weber

Manager at Ernst & Young AG
«Constant changes shape the environment management consultants work in. My training has added to my understanding of this complex and changeable subject matter. It’s a tool I’ve learned to use that now helps me work on solutions for an international customer segment.»

Suitable offers

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